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Payment & cancellation policy
I work on a money up front basis.

My payment policy is 25% deposit on making the booking, with a seven working day cancellation period. If the booking is cancelled after seven working days, the deposit will not be refunded under any circumstances.

The total balance for the cost of the event is to be settled no later than 7 working days prior to the event. Once this is paid, it will not be refundable – as you will appreciate, I would have lost out on taking other bookings for the cancelled date.

Leaving on-time
I will stay at the event with my team until the end of the agreed period, unless all your allocated alcohol is finished and you tell us to go home earlier.

Surplus alcohol and other drinks
I will keep an itinerary of all unused products and give this to the appointed person at the end of the agreed period. Just let me know who the appointed sober person is to deal with end of event formalities because usually the event organiser is too inebriated by this time.

Right to refuse service
I reserve the right to refuse service to any person that I believe is being disrespectful or rude to myself or a member of my team.

I reserve the right to refuse service to any person I believe is too intoxicated to drink anymore alcohol.

I will not under any circumstances serve anyone that I believe is under 18.

All disbursements I incur for your event will be included and itemised in packages as expenses in order to ensure complete cost transparency