Majemi specialise in providing cocktail bar services for weddings, engagements, corporate functions, promotional events, birthdays and any other private parties. Every job is 100% bespoke, so every quote is bespoke. Majemi offers a range of packages and each one is tailored to suit each booking’s individual needs.

As every booking is unique please fill out this form and my team will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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Many factors need to be considered such as –

• Size of the event
• Number of staff needed
• Event timings
• Menu
• Supply of ingredients
• Supply of alcohol
• If the mobile bar is needed
• Glassware
• Distance
• Parking charges
• Menu design & printing

Please fill out this form and i will get back to you with 24 hours.

Just to get one thing straight, I don’t own one of these companies that takes a booking and sends a random bartender to you party or event – this is personal. If you want someone to come and only open bottles of beer and serve jugs of sex on the beach all night, you have chosen the wrong person… I try to offer a bit more class than that and add a new dimension to your event.

I spend the evening before every event preparing ingredients, from freshly squeezed juices to making home made sugar syrup to picking fresh mint leaves for your Mojitos. On the day of the event, I wake up early, dress up smartly, arrive at your venue ahead of time, set up my bar and start cutting fruits.

By the time your first guest arrives at the party, you have a fully functional, tidy and professional cocktail bar ready for action. I will then make sure every single person at the party walks away from the bar smiling with a delicious, fresh, sexy cocktail in their hand.

At the end of the evening, I pack up my equipment and make sure the allocated area is left in its original condition. One thing I have learnt from my time in the hospitality catering service industry is that the most important thing is cleaning.

That’s how I operate.